Full Pond Cleanouts

Ponds which are heavily silted due to several years of having no maintenance usually require draining down, with any fish, wildlife & plants placed into large holding tanks or collapsible metal framed pools, in existing pond water with an aerator attached to ensure sufficient oxygen (especially important in warm weather), for the duration of the work. Once drained, silt, leaves and other debris is removed manually and /or with a pond vacuum.
Once cleaning is completed, pumps, filters and other equipment have been cleaned, inspected and serviced if necessary, the pond is refilled, using as much of the old pond water as possible if it is not in a bad state, and clean tap water, using a dechlorinating agent to neutralise chlorine which is harmful to livestock and wildlife. These cleanouts are usually required no more than once every 3 years approximately, though it can be more often if silting up is particularly bad.
Smaller scale maintenance visits are usually sufficient to keep a pond fairly silt free by using a pond vacuum to remove light silt and leaf deposits. This is usually the best way to keep on top of silt build up once a major cleanout has been done, frequency of visits tends to range from every 2- 6 months, depending on factors like stocking density and proximity to trees which drop their leaves. Each pond is different and some will require more maintenance than others.