Fish Pond Installations

There are a number of ways to construct a pond. Once the hole has been dug, the most convenient way of lining it is with a good quality flexible liner. It is protected from stones, roots etc with a layer of underlay. The liner is placed over the hole and as it is filled, the weight of water pushes the liner into the shape of the pond. The excess is trimmed from the edges and can then be fixed in place with stones, slabs, wooden planking or sleepers. For uncomplicated pond designs we would recommend a box welded liner which is made to fit the shape of the pond exactly with no folds or creases.
Fibreglassing and concrete are other means of lining a pond although less commonly used as they are more expensive and time consuming. The advantages are a very solid construction with a smooth surface finish.
In clay rich soils, natural clay can be used to line the pond, this tends to be used on very large natural ponds where other methods are impractical and expensive. The disadvantage is that the water will have a permanent cloudiness to it.

MK1 Aquatic Maintenance Services make great ponds at competitive prices. For a fabulous new fish pond contact Malcolm King onĀ 07803 703076 or use our contact form below for a free quotation.

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