Aquarium Cleaning & Maintenance

Tropical, saltwater (marine) and coldwater aquaria all require regular maintenance, we can arrange regular visits to carry out essential water changes, remove of sludge from substrate, clean the glass and decor and inspect and clean the filtration equipment. Frequency of visits ranges from 1-4 week intervals depending on the stocking density and size and type of aquaria. Marine set ups tend to require more frequent water changes as corals and fish are more sensitive to harmful nitrate and phosphate build up, also to replenish minerals and maintain the correct salt content. The salinity can increase rapidly due to evaporation loss so the level is checked at each visit and freshwater added to compensate for this.
Either reverse osmosis (R.O) water mixed with synthetic salt or natural seawater is used for all marine tanks as it does not contain harmful substances often found in tap water. R.O water is also used on most tropical and coldwater tanks for the same reason.