Aquarium Moving Service

Aquarium moving with Malcolm King of MK1 Aquatic Maintenance is a great way to transport your fish and their tanks in the safest way. Fish are very stressed when being moved and MK1 have safely moved many tanks for clients in the South East. Call Malcolm 07803 703076 for more information and advice.

We can arrange the safe transportation of any fish and other aquatic livestock in either aquarium or pond, in situations such as when moving house for example. The biggest problem is ensuring fish have enough oxygen to survive a long journey. We do this by placing fish in plastic bags in a small amount of water and then sealing in pure oxygen which enables them to be transferred long distances for many hours safely. To avoid problems of temperature fluctuation, especially in very hot or cold weather, the sealed bags are placed in polystyrene boxes which keep the water and the fish in it at a safe temperature for the duration of the journey